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We are asking provincial governments to invest in services and supports for all Canadians so that no one will choose MAiD because they have no other options available to them. Specifically, provincial governments need to provide: 

  • Centralized navigation services at the provincial level for people considering MAiD so that they can receive proper counselling and alternatives can be found and/or developed. 
  • Comprehensive palliative care services based on a national standard for all Canadians.
  • Increased services and support for people with disabilities, including home-based support, elimination of barriers to accessibility, early intervention, and greater access to assistive devices. 

  • Expanded delivery of high-quality accessible mental health services across the country, treating mental health as a full and equal part of Canada’s universal public health care system.
  • Programming and materials to help remove the societal prejudice that the lives of vulnerable people are less valuable than the rest of Canadians.

  • Investment in robust suicide prevention programs.

  • Income stability, proper housing, employment opportunities, and inclusion of affected communities in government decisions that affect them, especially in healthcare.
  • Support so that all Canadians can live with dignity.