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Support additional services for Canadians so they have real options to live.

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About our campaign for change

Many Canadians living on the margins of society do not have access to the services they need like palliative care, mental health services, and support for people with disabilities. Their needs can be as basic as lack of housing, food, companionship and financial support. Without access to quality care and resources that would meet their basic needs, their options become limited, and without options, there are no choices.  

At the same time, access to MAiD has been expanded in Canada since its introduction in 2016. In March 2021, the federal government passed revised legislation that changed the eligibility criteria and procedural safeguards for MAiD. The new law grants Canadians with chronic illness or disability, who are not terminally ill, the right to seek MAiD.  

When they are at their most vulnerable, people may choose MAiD if they don't have suitable options. 

We have a social responsibility to help people live their lives on their own terms. When Canadians are at their most vulnerable, they should be provided with meaningful options to live before they are provided with options to die.  

What can we do?

Everyone has a role to play. Provincial governments need to enhance their current financial and program commitments to ensure all Canadians can live with dignity. We can all reach out to people we know in our area to provide a helping hand. Churches, NGOs and community groups can equip and coordinate these efforts. We need to restore our Canadian reputation for compassion.  

Stories from across Canada

Hear the challenges and hopes of Canadians living with life threatening illness, disability, and mental illness.

Clare's Story

Living with a life threatening illness.

Clare is a former long-term care nurse. In October 2020, she was diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 breast cancer. Listen to Clare’s story about the urgent need for quality palliative care for all Canadians.
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Tracy's Story

Living with Disability.

Tracy is a life-long advocate for people with disabilities. As a person with a disability, she knows first-hand that people with disabilities are not sufficiently supported in Canada. Hear Tracy’s story about the need for reliable support services for people with disabilities.
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Sam's Story

Living with mental illness.

Sam is a young professional and mental health advocate. In 2021, Sam attempted to take his own life. Listen to Sam’s story about the need for additional mental health services and supports.
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A Physician's Perspective

Hear from Canadian physicians who are concerned with access to care for Canadians at their most vulnerable.

Dr. Margaret Cottle is a palliative care physician practicing in greater Vancouver, BC.
Dr. Isabel Sarides is a family physician practicing in Welland, ON.
Dr. Tim Ehmann is a child and adolescent psychiatrist practicing in Calgary, AB.