Clare's Story

Living with Life Threatening Illness

We must ensure Canadians at their most vulnerable have what they need to live before we pave their way toward death.

In October 2020, Clare was diagnosed with breast cancer. When Clare first had symptoms, she missed two mammogram appointments because of the impact of COVID-19 on hospital wait times. The result of her delayed appointment meant that her cancer spread quickly, and when she was diagnosed, it was an aggressive stage 3 form of breast cancer.

As a former long-term care nurse, Clare knows the fundamental role palliative care plays in managing symptoms, providing comfort and care, and improving the quality of life at the end of life. Unfortunately, Canadians face significant gaps and barriers when accessing quality palliative care in Canada. No one should choose MAiD because of a lack of access to palliative care.  

Clare lives in Halifax with her husband. She has four children.

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